How to know if you can grow a beard | 4 simple steps

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Obviously, it doesn’t tell you that you inherited those beard growing genes, but it gives you an indication of whether or not your nationality or ethnicity can actually kind of grow a beard just by looking at your heritage.

So it may be that you can’t grow a deep dark, thick beard, because it’s just not in your genes and that’s perfectly okay, so yeah take a look at all of the male relatives in your family and ask yourself objectively: have they got beard that I want And if they do, I think that’s a good thing. Okay, one thing about being a good beard grower, I think, is that you end up being quite hairy everywhere else: arms bum chest, and if you have a lot of testosterone, you do actually go a little bit.

But it does mean that your hair is is growing everywhere else, so I have got a hairy chest. I unfortunately, in my older years, have started having a hairy back and shoulders and bum cheeks in the valley as well like it’s a bit of a mess everywhere, but that’s a good indicator for you that you can grow of good beard is, if you have body Hair, that’s thick darker and has grown since puberty on other parts of your body.

So there’s this really great study that I found online where they take a very small circle of hair and they ever look to see if the hairs there are capable of supporting beard, growth and thick kind of hair patches on the body and get up close and Personal with your with your face, so here you can see that I have good hair density, and that is the first step to growing. A really great beard is how to see how dense your hairs are, and you can do that after you’ve shaved, you can shave, which I always recommend, with a single blade, safety, razor or cutthroat razor if you’re brave.

What was your early indications that you could grow beard or couldn’t grow a beard?