How To Grow Your Beard Properly

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damn this beard is starting to get pretty long. Let me tell you whoever said Asians couldn’t grow. Beer was wrong so, as you can see like many people right now, I’ve decided I want to grow my beer down at least for a couple of weeks while we’re in quarantine. Well, hopefully, that’s a couple of weeks and not a couple of months fingers crossed, but let’s not diverge. I’M growing out my beard for a bit because hey I’ve had the same beard style for a long time now, stubble length on the sides short on the mustache and a beard and naturally, since we’re all in quarantine anyways. I thought this would be a good opportunity to make a little change grow it out for a bit and see what I look like with a more luscious beard, and I thought I’d take this chance to finally make a video on growing your beard.

As many of you have been asking me for it, so in today’s video we’re going to go into five key things, you need to do to grow a beautiful, healthy, luscious beard. Here we go [ Music ], our facial hair is unique. We all have different facial hair, some have thicker beards, some thinner, some patchy wants some big full beards. Some people only have a mustache and some look like a newborn baby’s butt and nothing wrong with that by the way. But just like you can’t pick any random photo of a celebrity whose hairstyle you like show it to your barber and say I want that. You also can’t pick any beard style you want.

It has to work with your particular facial hair. If this is your first time growing out of beard, you might not fully know how your beard grows, how dense it gets, how long it actually grows. But if you look at yourself in the mirror and see only two hairs on your chin, don’t be delusional thinking. You’Re about to grow a lumberjack worthy beard. However, there are other beard styles in the full beard that don’t require an enormous amount of facial hair and can look great to take Johnny Depp. For example, she doesn’t grow hair on his cheese, but he pulls off the goatee masterfully or if your size are not very dense.

A well-kept stubble can look amazing and if you’re unsure about how your beard grows, just wait it out and then you can reshape it as you go after you build some length to it. growing out your beard doesn’t mean just leaving it be and not doing anything at all until it’s fully grown, although you probably should be leaving the bulk of it intact until it’s grown to a certain length, and then you can get your barber to Properly shape it, one easy thing that you can do to keep it looking neat while it grows out, is to outline your cheeks and neck. That’s easy to do by yourself and it’ll improve your appearance tenfold, so you can shave your cheeks of different possible heights, but a general safe bet is to draw an imaginary line from about the middle of your ear down to the corner of your mustache or the Corner of your lick, I like to play it safe and use the corner of the mustache as a general guideline and then I’ll shave anything above that line that way it’s a little bit higher, and then I have more flexibility to style it in different ways. Later on, as for the neckline, a general rule of thumb is to have an imaginary curve, starting from your earlobes, going down to about two fingers above your Adam’s apple and shave. Anything beneath that curve – and I also like to keep the mustache trimmed just enough to not have any hair, go over the top lick. Personally, I like having that clean line between the lip and the mustache, but it’s not the only way to do it.

There are beard styles, where the mustache does grow longer than that, so it all depends on the look that you’re going for. If you want to keep those bristles looking healthy, you want to be applying something to condition them daily. The two main options are the beard, oil and the beard bottom, a beard. Oil is generally what’s recommended for shorter beards, whereas a beard balm becomes more useful for longer beards that require a little more shaping and styling. I’Ve never really had a super long beard. So a good beard.

Oil is my go-to right now, I’m using this one from Baxter of California, which I’ll link down below it’s enriched with avocado oil, and it’s not only great for moisturizing your beard, but also the skin. Underneath the vitamin E helps reduce common beard. Irritations like flakiness, while promoting healthy hair growth and a smoother less itchy beard as a finishing touch. The subtle scent of jasmine and setter wood really gives you that soothing hot towel, fresh post, barber feeling I would recommend applying anywhere from two to five drops and massaging it into your beard after you shower. You want your beard to be relatively dry beforehand, though, so this is best done after washing your face and getting dried up: Yes, there is something called a beard brush and no, you cannot steal your girlfriend’s hairbrush for this purpose.

Why in the world, would you brush your beard? You ask a good beer brush is great for cleaning and conditioning your beard. The bristles of the brush can reach beneath the beard hair and remove all kinds of things. You don’t want in your luscious healthy beard from dead skin cells to dirt accumulated throughout the day to build up oil. I like to use the brush right before and after I apply the beard oil that way, it also helps distribute the oil evenly throughout your beard. Another benefit of brushing your beard regularly is that it trains your hair to grow in the direction that you want it to go.

So if you have certain hairs that want to go out and do their own thing, you can bring them back in and brush them in the right direction. Over time, that’s going to make your beard grooming progressively easier once your beard reaches significant growth. After a couple of months, that’s when you would move on to the next level and get a beard comb instead, as that’s going to be a far more efficient tool to style a longer beard. Personally, I’ve only had it that long once in my life and I’m not sure I want to go that long again, I mean we’ll see how this goes. Maybe for quarantine for three months, you’ll see me come out with a humongous beard. At the end, diet plays an integral role in well in everything, from building muscle to preventing diseases, or, in this case, encouraging hair growth.

Diet is an essential ingredient. Pun intended the diet rich in vitamins, B, C and E, zinc, Iren and Omega threes, along with plenty of water, will give your hair the nourishment and needs to grow. Biotin in particular, which is a water-soluble B. Vitamin is excellent to promote hair growth and you get the added bonus that it stimulates your hair everywhere, not just on your face, which can be a good or a bad thing. I guess but hey if you don’t want hair somewhere in your body. Just you can just trim it or shave it.

I personally supplement with a multivitamin which contains all of the previously mentioned vitamins, and while you can use supplements, I would always recommend taking a look at your food intake first, because that forms the bulk of what you’re putting into your body and, if you’re, eating junk. Already, supplementing junk with a small portion of good stuff isn’t going to do much. Also, there are plenty of foods that are rich in biotin, such as eggs, almonds, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, avocados and broccoli. Please do keep in mind that I am NOT a dietitian, however, so do not take my word for gospel and do consult a professional before taking any supplements and, lastly, be patient and stay committed. If you’ve decided to grow a beard commit to it, give it a month at the very least. Yes, it is going to get itchy at some point and you will go through somewhat of an awkward stage.

But if you wait it out and apply all of the tips I gave you in this video. You will hopefully grow a big, majestic beard, or at least a mustache or maybe you have a baby face and can grow here. But that’s fine to work with what you got anyways, that’s all I got for you today choose a style. You can grow, outline condition brush that beard and eat those vitamins, guys, I’m probably going to. Let mine grow for a bit, see what we can work with here, but hey also, maybe I’ll change out my mind and trim it back down in a couple of weeks, we’ll see, stay, safe, stay, healthy and stay stylish.