Today, we’re going to talk about why your beard stopped growing and what you can do about it.

But one thing you want to keep in mind is that your hair can go terminal terminal length is something that naturally happens on everyone’s hair, whether it be their arm hair, their head, hair or their beard.

What’s interesting about terminal length is that it affects your beard at different times, depending on the section of your beard, you may notice that I love to bring up my mustache.

My mustache seems to have gone terminal very early in this series and really didn’t get the memo in terms of growing. Alongside my beard, I don’t think my beard isn’t any danger of going terminal anytime soon, but my must is another story again.

So, as always, you diet plays a huge part in the health of your beard if you’ve got a very unhealthy diet and you’re not getting the vitamins that your beard needs, it will eventually get shorter and more brittle and eventually terminal length may hit sooner than it Used to so make sure that you’re getting plenty of vitamin A B C any and as always biotin a healthy diet can lead to a much healthier beard.