Unfortunately, it is locked in at the point of your conception, your genetics decide if you’re going to have swirls, or you know how your beard’s going to sit, I’m very lucky that everything you know around the edges of my beard are pointing in, like you know, a Relatively uh normal direction, so i end up with a nice kind of flat-ish beard on most days, but you probably have another type of hair pattern and it is also common to not have an even hair pattern.

But of course it relies on the hair being a certain length before you can do that, and that’s normally about like an inch to two inches um before you can kind of start bending that hair and and forcing it to kind of move in the direction that You want it to um, so yeah, here’s the little list, okay, the first way, and if you sort of scour the internet, it’s all about combing, but this in my experience has been the least effective way of training hairs, because it is so temporary that combing alone, Just doesn’t cut it for me, maybe it will for you, but i do brush my beard probably about three to four times a day.

So combing is a very important part of training, your beard, but it has to be used in combination with something in my experience and that’s what we’ll talk about next pinning is a thing that you can use to train your beard now when you wake up in The morning you know, you’ll have all of the different directions locked in from when you were sleeping on your pillow, and so what you’ve got to do is essentially just kind of like train the hairs, the length of the hair, the direction of the hairs again um, Because you’ve been sleeping on it, you know hopefully for about eight hours.

It provides lift it kind of makes it look uh, i guess more substantial and it can be an awesome way to just train those hairs to grow downwards, because the texturizing nature of this spray um it yeah it just kind of holds it – keeps it looking not Wet like an oil would, but also still it looks healthy, and i do like the matte versions of these, which is where these kind of sea salt sprays come in because it makes it look like your beard is effortlessly, growing, down or effortlessly staying in place, because You just can’t see the product um, so yeah go check out a texturizing spray, that’s one thing and then our good old favorite beard balm and beard wax.

I’ll put the link around but yeah that video will talk you through everything. The whole process and importantly, what each ingredient does and yeah you can then tailor it to your to your best. Uh kind of results for your beer now beard, balm and beard wax, can help sort of control the beard control the lines of the beard, but once again use it sparingly and you have to use it in combination with something else.