It was the day that they announced that bob dylan simon’s longtime columbia records label, mate, sold his catalog to universal music publishing. Well, maybe the biggest date in paul simon’s life might have been when he got married or when he had a child.

A second there’s simon and garfunkel too, oh 9.4 million, so paul simon, actually has way more followers on spotify of his music than bob dylan does then he goes on to say, there’s another darker reality assuredly at work assuredly, while the beatles and dylan’s places in history.

He has no idea whether paul simon or bob dylan or the beatles are going to be relevant to historians, try and say what music historians are going to be talking about.

If only because history is a blunt instrument and doesn’t have room at least not in the brightest sense for subtlety, okay, joni mitchell, joni mitchell, i love bob dylan but come on joni mitchell.

Nobody singer, songwriter guy jeff slate to talk about his historical relevance or bob dylan’s, historical relevance or the beatles or joni mitchell or bruce springsteen or neil young hire somebody.