All right today we’re going to be talking about food, but more specifically, we’re going to be talking about food that helps promote healthy hair growth and also why now, how fast and healthy hair grows depends on a few factors like age, genetics, health and diet. Three of those things we don’t have control over, but one we do diet so today we’re going to go over a few foods that can help promote healthy hair and beard growth.

So taking your berries and another insight for me after my workouts i’ll, have a quick protein shake and in this protein shake i’ll either put that gains in bulk raw protein or that cupcake protein with unsweetened almond milk and frozen mixed berries, i’ll blend it all up With i might be doing a spoiler alert with some spinach blended up, you can’t even taste the spinach and a bunch of these ingredients all are said to help promote healthy hair growth.

As we all know, spinach is a healthy, green vegetable and it’s loaded with things such as folate iron, vitamin, a and c and all of which may help promote hair growth going a bit further into vitamin a vitamin a helps.

What’s more with vitamin a is vitamin a has also been said to help with the rate of hair growth and also the thickness of hair growth, in addition to helping prevent the regression of hair follicles, another great one to have on this list. Avocados now avocados they’re jam packed with healthy fats and vitamin e, and just like vitamin c, vitamin e is also jam-packed, with those antioxidants that help fight free radicals.

Nuts nuts are another one that have made this list because they offer a wide variety of b vitamins, in addition to b vitamins, zinc and essential fatty acids now they’re not just linked to healthy hair growth, but they’re also linked to reducing inflammation and also lowering your Risk of heart disease – the next one on the list was another surprise to me, and it was a surprise because of the amount of vitamin c that are in these and that’s sweet peppers for one small, sweet, pepper, there’s 5.5 times the amount of vitamin c in A sweet pepper as there is an orange, so that was news to me.